Meet “Diagnosis 101,” a digital product demo that redefined medical training for first-year med students. This tool was a innovative for it’s time, combining cutting-edge user experiences, seamless navigation, engaging videos, and interactive elements that made learning diagnostics anything but boring.

Diagnosis 101 aimed to drill essential diagnostic skills into first-year med students’ brains—the stuff they’d need every day. We brought in a virtual med student guide, friendly and relatable, to walk users through each section. This guide didn’t just teach; it added personality and made the whole process feel human.

Students got hands-on with techniques like auscultation, ophthalmoscopy, blood pressure measurement, and otoscopy. All using Welch Allyn diagnostic tools, because why not learn with the best? The interactive guide set up each section, explaining why each diagnostic was crucial and how to nail it.

Diagnosis 101 wasn’t just a tool; it was a game-changer. It blended tech with a personal touch, making it a memorable part of medical training. This demo stands as a testament to our ability to push the envelope and deliver something truly impactful in the world of medical education.

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