Madison County Bicentennial Logo

In 2006, I designed the winning entry for the Madison County Bicentennial logo competition. After the design was selected the logos were painted on 16 barns throughout the county by well known barn painter Scott Hagan. (the barn artist)

The assignment called for one logo to represent the county but it was too hard to get all of that Madison county has to offer into one logo so I designed the format so the logos could showcase whatever we wanted.

The original set of four (cow, Rt 20, snowmobiles and boxer) were submitted in the entry. 3 were commissioned later for specific reasons. One for the county offices featuring an outline of the county (not shown) and the airplane for a “fly-in breakfast” in Hamilton and an antique tractor for a specific barn owner who collected them.

The barn artist Scott Hagen spent 2 summer painting 16 barns throughout the county. You can see a map and get more detail here.


Here is a time lapse of on of the barns being painted.