National Stationery Show


The National Stationery Show (NSS) is a premier event celebrating not just paper products but a diverse array of creative and functional items, including gifts and office supplies. Our campaign aimed to highlight the surprising finds at the NSS by creating visual mashups that blend different products into new, unexpected combinations. For example, a clock and globe were seamlessly merged to symbolize the show’s global reach and timeless appeal, while fountain pens and wrapping paper illustrated the fusion of tradition and creativity. We also combined a day planner with an electronic planner to showcase the NSS’s embrace of both the past and future. These unique visuals were designed to change perceptions and emphasize that the NSS is about more than just stationery—it’s a celebration of innovation and creativity.

Photo: Walter Colley

To help communicate the different sections of the trade show, we designed simple, colorful icons. These icons use clean lines and bold colors to clearly represent various categories, making it easy for attendees to navigate the show and quickly find areas of interest. Whether it’s stationery, gifts, or office supplies, each section is distinctly marked, enhancing the overall experience.

New York International Gift Fair

As part of a series of regional gift fairs across the country, the New York International Gift Fair stands out as one of the largest and most influential. Our past graphic approaches have included a simple yellow color field with a checkerboard taxi, creating a clean, sleek, and sophisticated look that resonated with the city’s vibrant energy.

This year, our design theme takes inspiration from the iconic subway signage of NYC. We incorporated the bold typography and recognizable color schemes of the subway system to create a visually striking and instantly recognizable identity for the fair. This approach not only pays homage to the city but also enhances the navigational ease and overall experience for attendees.

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