Assembling Wonder Exhibit

Cabinet of Curiosities Display

The Cazenovia Library ask me to help with a new exhibit about the original concept of the museum, called A Brief History of the Cabinet of Curiosities. These “cabinets” were rooms that were specifically built to house the collections of the wealthy world traveler of the day. Many national museums started as the individual collections of well-to-do men who travelled and brought back “curiosities to share with their friends. The Cazenovia Library’s museum is based on the collection of James Hubbard who donated his Egyptian collection in 1895.

The main display has dimensional panels and the rostrum of a sawfish and the skull and horns of a small African Ibex mounted to it.


In progress




The Cabinet of Curiosities


Promotional postcard for the exhibit


The Memory Cabinet

As part of the introduction of the permanent exhibit, local artists were asked to submit interpretations of a Cabinet of Curiosity. I based my cabinet on objects that we found in our home when we moved in. The objects tell a story of the previous owner.